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Hydrograss Technologies Inc. hydroseeds challenging job sites with ease using Terramac RT9 crawler carriers

Growing up, Robert Arello Jr. spent countless hours learning the commercial landscaping industry from his father. After graduating from Utah State University with a degree in soil science and amassing over 13 years of knowledge in the business, he founded his own company that specializes in hydraulic soil stabilization and storm water management — Hydrograss Technologies Inc. — in North Oxford, Mass., in 1993.

“I began by subcontracting landscape projects in the commercial industry to generate capital, and I utilized contractors that I had built relationships with over the last decade,” explained Arello Jr. “Within six months, I purchased equipment to focus on erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, and introducing our own product lines to market. That was very successful and a catalyst that got us where we are today.”

Hydrograss Technologies currently operates throughout New England and Florida. Its award-winning product mix provides preventive solutions for erosion, sediment and dust control through its hydroplanting, site remediation and soil stabilization techniques. The diverse scope of each project requires a versatile machine to complete the job. That’s why the company turns to Terramac and the RT9 crawler carriers.

“Many of our jobs are in challenging areas such as wetlands, landfills and steep slopes that traditional rubber-tired equipment cannot access,” stated Arello Jr. “Three years ago, we decided to change our approach to hydroseeding those sites because we were tearing up the ground and thought there must be a more efficient way to do it. After researching multiple options and listening to the advice from other contractors, we believed the Terramac RT9 would be the perfect fit for our operation.”

Today, Hydrograss Technologies’ fleet includes a pair of Terramac RT9 crawler carriers. Technicians outfitted one machine with a straw blower and the other with a hydroseeder. Metal railings around the crawler carrier with the straw blower attachment allow the firm to transport up to 180 bales of hay across a job site without having to restock supply.

“The carrying capacity and minimal footprint of the Terramac RT9 machines allow us to work in the most inhospitable environments,” explained Arello Jr. “At one of our solar farm jobs in Massachusetts, we tracked the Terramacs between 10-foot-wide, muddy rows of solar panels to seed, hay and tack a pollinator environment for bees. The machines articulated between each row and glided through the mud, allowing our crew to finish the job quickly and efficiently.”

Arello Jr. appreciates the uptime of the machines. “If either of our Terramac machines went down, our crew wouldn’t be able to do their job. We haven’t had any issues with them at all in terms of mechanical failures. The versatility is fantastic. Its maneuverability is great. We’re very happy with them at this point in time. If something were to happen, I’ve built relationships with both Terramac and C.N. Wood and know they would step up to get us going. Having support from a dealer with an excellent reputation gives us the confidence to take on any job.”

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